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Fahad Shahbaz


I believe that understanding and addressing the issues of religious minorities is not just a matter of tolerance, but a fundamental test of a society’s commitment to pluralism and human rights.

About Him

visionary Founder and President of the Youth General Assembly

Fahad Shahbaz currently presides over the board of the Center for Law and Justice. He is the visionary Founder and President of the Youth General Assembly, an esteemed platform dedicated to empowering the youth. He holds an LLB and a master’s degree in media studies. Fahad's academic pursuit is underscored by his notable merit certifications in Public Policy Economics from the distinguished University of Oxford and in International Law from the esteemed Hague Academy of International Law.

Driven by his strong inclination towards social justice, economic advancement, stable governance, and youth development, Fahad Shahbaz has been actively collaborating with Pakistan's Federal and provincial governments on various platforms designed to benefit the country's youth. His representation of Pakistan on numerous international summits and forums underscores his impact on global stages, where he ardently articulates the challenges arising from Pakistan's burgeoning youth population. Fahad's notable achievements extend to his remarkable advocacy and proactive efforts in legal reform within Pakistan. His expertise flourishes in constitutional and corporate law as well.


Fahad Shahbaz has been honored with the prestigious Diana Award 2023 for his outstanding contributions to youth development and empowerment in Pakistan. The Diana Award is an esteemed international accolade that recognizes individuals who strive to create positive social change and make a lasting impact on their communities. In addition to his remarkable achievements, Mr. Fahad Shahbaz has received another notable accolade. On Pakistan's 75th Independence Day, August 14, the government honored him for his outstanding efforts in empowering and capacity building of youth.